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On this page, you will find our submission categories that are currently open. If you have any questions, never hesitate to email us at editor@driftwoodpress.net or through Submittable’s messaging system once you’ve submitted.


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1) The work you are submitting is an original work and belongs to you, the Contributor.  It is not a violation or infringement of any existing copyright or license and has not been previously published elsewhere.

2) The Contributor accepts responsibility for obtaining permissions for publication at your expense of any materials in which copyright vests in any other person or party.

Ends on $250.00

Driftwood Press is excited to announce our next online poetry workshop! During this five-week workshop, led by managing poetry editor Jerrod Schwarz, poets will enjoy comprehensive edits and critiques of their work, as well as tailormade generative writing exercises. In addition, the workshop leader will also provide weekly writing prompts, submission opportunities, and interesting reading resources. Below is a short outline of the weekly course structure:


· Writing Prompts - At the beginning of each week, you will be sent (via email) a tailormade poetry prompt created by the instructor specific for your class. These prompts are entirely optional; you can use poems created from these prompts in the Sunday workshop, but you are also welcome to bring original, prewritten poems instead.

· Readings - You will also receive a reading via email. These will take the form of interesting poems, craft essays, or writer resources, all available to you digitally.


· Facebook Discussion - Once you are enrolled in the workshop, you will be added to a class-specific Facebook group where you can share work and engage with other course participants. On Wednesdays, the workshop instructor will post a craft discussion topic in the Facebook page for the class to discuss. (for those who do not have a Facebook, we are happy to share these through email as well)


· Generative Writing (1 hr. Zoom) - Each week, the workshop leader will prepare a unique generative writing exercise for the group. These generative writing exercises will range from poem prompts to more thematic writing exercises, with time at the end for participants to share and discuss.


· Poetry Workshop (2-3 hr. Zoom) - Each week, students will be able to share work in a roundtable, MFA-style workshop setting. Participants will read their work and receive feedback from the instructor and others in the course.

Below you will find more information about the instructor, course cost, and start time. We are ecstatic to be offering this workshop, and we cannot wait to work with you to grow your writing!

· Cost - This five-week workshop will cost $250 USD. In addition, you will also receive two physical Driftwood titles mailed to you (one chapbook and one full length poetry collection).

· Dates - This course will start on March 27th and end on April 30th. Submissions will remain open until March 26th or the class fills to 10 participants.

· About The Instructor - Hi! I’m Jerrod, the managing poetry editor of Driftwood Press. My poetry has appeared in places like PANK, Entropy, VICE news, and many others. I am also the author of No Name Atkins (CLASH Books), WHAT THE BARN CAN’T KILL (Blasted Tree Publishing), and conjure (Thirty West Publishing House). Having taught at the college-level for many years, I am excited to bring a blend of academic writing pedagogy and community-focused teaching to this workshop. Above all else, I want to give writers practical strategies to intentionally engage with their own work. I look forward to learning more about your writing and workshopping it in a safe, constructive space!

Overview: Driftwood Press is excited to announce an updated version of our Editors & Writers Seminar! Instead of being offered on specific dates with large groups of students, you are now able to begin the seminar on any Monday you'd like! Read below to see what this new seminar offers.

This five-week seminar will be most useful to three types of writers: (1) writers who are submitting to magazines and want  tips and tricks to fight through the slush pile to round two; (2) writers who want to be editors of short fiction or run a literary magazine; (3) writers who want to become better editors of their own and others’ work.

Each week, the student will receive a pre-recorded video lesson from the instructor (Driftwood Press’ Managing Fiction Editor James McNulty) and a few reading assignments. Throughout the course, the student will also receive four total writing or revision assignments and detailed feedback on each of these four assignments. Those who take the class will also receive a copy of the brilliant craft essay collection On Writing Fiction (David Jauss), shipped directly to them near the beginning of the course.

Application: Once you've paid the fee and told us which Monday you'd like to begin the course on, we'll confirm your date or discuss alternates if we have a conflict. To apply, please provide the following:

  • Statement of Interest: A 200-word statement of interest detailing how this online course would benefit you or why you are interested.
  • Brief Biography: A short, 100-word biographical statement outlining any work history, editorial experience, publications, or upcoming projects you are involved in.

Cost: Cost for the entire five-week course is $250.00 USD. The course-cost includes:

  • Five video lectures available exclusively to students.
  • Four assignments, two of which will be revision assignments.
  • Detailed instructor feedback on <500 words of prose assignments each week for all four assignments.
  • Digital reading assignments
  • A copy of On Writing Fiction by renowned craft writer David Jauss delivered directly to you near the beginning of the course.
  • Open communication with Managing Fiction Editor James McNulty. While taking the course, feel free to shoot over craft and career questions and concerns, and James will be happy to help as he can.

Lectures: Most lectures are approximately one-hour, but some are much longer. These lectures were recorded when the seminar was offered as a multi-person class, so I may very briefly address a body of students at one or two points. The lecture topics are as follows:

  1. Common Missteps (1hr.): Here, we’ll be looking through a hodgepodge of different mistakes that flag submitters as amateurish. This first lecture will be a head-spinning crash course on the most frequently botched craft issues at play in submissions. We’ll cover everything from the four modes of fiction (description, action, dialogue, and interiority) to stories that lack specificity to repetitive sentence structures.
  2. On Beginnings (1hr.): Next up, we’ll work through roughly a dozen opening paragraphs and pages, looking for why an unforgiving editor could kick a story from consideration early on. We’ll also talk through some submissions that caught our eye on the first page and what made those stories stand out.
  3. From the Editor (1hr.): An exploration of what it looks like on the editor’s side. This includes an explanation of how Driftwood is run as well as a walkthrough of the submissions manager from the editor’s perspective. We’ll talk about what exactly it takes for a submission to be rejected or accepted, and we’ll cap the lecture with a brief discussion of the financials of a literary magazine.
  4. Editorial Philosophies I (1hr.) & II (2hrs.): What are the philosophies of an editor? Here’s a quick rundown on our philosophical editorial policies at Driftwood, including a talk on prescriptivism/descriptivism, the five types of drafts, mandatory changes, overstepping, and other related topics that will be useful to writers, too. We’ll wrap up the lecture by showing—in detail—a writer’s path to acceptance with us. In the bonus two-hour lecture, I'll go even more in-depth to show how our revisions process works with our published authors.
  5. Personalized Lecture (1.5hrs.): Based on questions and counterpoints brought to my attention by two old classes, this lecture is a hodgepodge of miscellaneous but relevant mini-lectures and questions answered.

Timeline: The class timeline is as follows:

  • Mondays: I will send you a lecture, the week's prompt, and the week's reading assignment (often alongside optional, additional readings).
  • Sundays: You will turn in your <500 word prompt response, which I will return with comments before the following prompt is due.

About the Instructor: James McNulty holds an MFA in writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. He’s been the Managing Fiction Editor of Driftwood Press for nearly a decade. For more about James and Driftwood, you can read this recent interview.

Below are the full contest guidelines. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at editor@driftwoodpress.net. We cannot wait to read your work!



  • Submissions will be open from September 1st until January 31st.
  • To alleviate wait times on your end, we will be declining and accepting submissions as we read them. All submissions accepted will initially be given runner-up status. In April, one of the runner-ups will be awarded the Grand Prize.
  • Winner and runner-ups will be published in the 2024 Anthology.


  • The Grand Prize winner will receive $400 and five copies of the issue in which the story appears. The winner will also have the opportunity to be interviewed about their work; the interview will be published alongside the story.
  • Runner-ups will be offered publication, an accompanying interview, $150, and one copy of the issue in which their work appears.

Past Contest Winners

[2021 Contest]

[2020 Contest]

[2019 Contest]


  • Fiction only.
  • 1,000-5,000 soft word limit.
  • A standard, 12-point font and single-spacing is preferred.
  • The work must not have been previously published.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please withdraw the work if the story has been accepted elsewhere.
  • Submit works written in English only, no translations.
  • Please submit your manuscript in a .doc, .docx, or PDF format.
  • We read submissions blind, so please do not include your name, email, or any identifying characteristics on the manuscript itself. All work is considered by two editors.
  • Base submission cost is $12.99. 

What We're Looking For...

  • We strongly recommend reading a few of our issues to get a sense of the fiction we publish; the same senior editors who read the short fiction will read for the novellas.
  • Our published fiction share little in common outside of a love of language; well-crafted sentences and a honed rhythm are a must for Driftwood contributors. We stray away from young adult, fantasy, romance, and mainstream mystery fiction. While we're interested  in experimentalism and stream of consciousness (not auto-writing), we do expect a story to have narrative momentum. Oftentimes, we're drawn to stories with a hint of surrealism, magical realism, or some other sort of -ism, but we publish a little bit of every genre.


  • Novella submissions are currently open but may close at any time to allow our editors to catch up.
  • Novella submissions typically take four to nine months; our target is six. Feel free to reach out to us if you've been in consideration for longer.
  • If your work is selected, our editors will work with you to polish the work as much as possible for publication.



  • Fiction only.
  • 15,000-30,000 words recommended. We’ll consider works slightly outside of these parameters, but don’t push them too much. 40,000 words, for instance, is a novel, not a novella.
  • A standard, 12-point font and single-spacing is preferred.
  • Excerpts of the novella may have been published individually, but never more than 50% of the novella.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please let us know immediately if the work has been accepted elsewhere.
  • Submit works written in English only, no translations.
  • Please submit your manuscript in a .doc, .docx, or PDF format.
  • Base submission cost is $19.99. Additionally, we are offering a $34.98 submission option that will include a print copy of our next novella. 


  •  Novella writers selected will receive $400 and 10 copies of their printed novella.
  • A print run of the winning novella will be sold on our website, through affiliate bookstores, and will be nationally and internationally distributed by Ingram.
  • The winner will also have the opportunity to be interviewed about their work; the interview will be published in the novella following the story.
  • After the first 100 copies are sold, the writer gets 20% royalties. Copies bought by or awarded to the writer do not count toward the number of copies sold.

We are excited to announce Driftwood Press' poem contest is open! This yearly contest will honor a single poem that stands out to our editors as truly exceptional. This year's contest has no theme, and is open to anyone. We want your most beautiful, most mind-bending, and most devastating poems. 

Below are the fully contest guidelines. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at editor@driftwoodpress.net. We cannot wait to read your work!



  • Submissions will be open from September 1st 2022 to January 31st 2023. 
  • Winner will be announced in April 2023.
  • Winner will be published in the 2024 Anthology. 



  • The winning poet will receive $300, five copies of the anthology they appear in, and the opportunity to participate in a standout interview about their work.
  • Up to five finalist will be selected as well. Finalists will receive $50, publication in Driftwood Press' print journal, and a free copy of the anthology  they appear in.


  • Submitters may send up to five poems in a single document for consideration.
  • Each poem must not exceed sixty lines.
  • Prose poetry, experimental poetry, and poetry with a visual element are all welcome. Collaborations are also welcome, just know that you will be required to evenly split the $300 USD reward money amongst however many contributors there are.
  • We do not accept translations at this time.
  • Do not include any identifying information (name, email, etc.) within your submitted document. We read all work blind, and failure to follow this rule will result in a rejected and unread submission.
  • You may include a cover letter/biography in the form space below, but these are not read by editors and hold no sway in our selection process.
  • Submission fee is $10.99 USD. Additionally, we are offering a submission option that will include a print copy of the anthology in which the winning poem will be published. 



Driftwood Press is excited to announce that we are accepting submissions for full-length poetry collections! See below for guidelines, timeline, and award information. We cannot wait to read your phenomenal poems!


  • Submissions are open September 1st 2022 - March 31st 2023.
  • Winners will be notified in May 2023.
  • Winning collection(s) will be published in 2024 and/or 2025.


  • 40 - 100 pages of poetry (if you are a few pages under or over, no problem).
  • Experimental poetry, hybrid work, poetry with a visual element, prose poetry, and any avant-garde poetry are welcomed! We love work that thoughtfully pushes poetry into new realms and realities.
  • Submissions should be primarily in English, but collections with a moderate bilingual component will of course be considered.
  • A standard, 12-point font is preferred.
  • Please submit your manuscript in a .doc, .docx, or PDF format.
  • We read submissions blindly, so please do not include your name, email, or any identifying information within the manuscript itself.
  • Please include a Table of Contents page.
  • Individual poems from your manuscript may have been previously published in magazines, journals, anthologies, or chapbooks, but the collection as a whole must be unpublished.
  • You may include an Acknowledgements page, but none is necessary.


  • 1 - 3 collections will be chosen for publication during this submission period.
  • Each winner will receive: $500 USD, 20 copies of their collection, and a standard royalties package.
  • Winning collections will be sold online, in bookstores, at events, and distributed through IngramSpark.
  • Depending upon scheduling and availability, winners may also have the opportunity to take part in an author signing & reading at a future AWP convention.

This is the Premium Poetry submission category, where you can receive an extremely quick, roughly one-week response if you purchase our upcoming or back issues. At Driftwood Press, we understand that an artist's time is precious, and we are happy to provide this service for our submitters. You can submit up to five poems. Please, and we can't stress this enough, make for sure you include all poems in a single submission. In addition, the fee does not guarantee that your piece will be accepted! We judge each poem fairly and with the same reverence we would want our own work to be judged with. Finally, we thank you for choosing this option of submission. We are truly excited to find the greatest poetry in the most effective, timely way possible. 


Whether you are seasoned or a beginner brimming with poetic inspiration, we call upon your abilities. At Driftwood, we are devoted to finding poetry of the highest caliber; we seek poetry of literary importance. Some of our favorite poets are T.S. Eliot, Carolyn Hembree, Adrienne Rich, and Allen Ginsberg. Overly romanticized, antiquated, or colloquial poetry is not our focus. Experimental forms and content that reveals your unique style are welcomed.

Poets can submit up to five poems, each being no longer than 60 lines. When submitting, please send all poems in a single document. 

Over the past five years, we’ve had the pleasure of bringing you a quarterly magazine featuring some of the best poetry, fiction, and visual arts on the web. As we transitioned to the new, biannual release schedule, we branched out in the form of contests, an editing service, and chapbook publications; now, we’re proud to announce open submissions for graphic novel manuscripts, which will burgeon our ever-growing catalog.

Some of our favorite graphic artists are Jaime & Gilbert Hernandez, Joe Sacco, Brecht Evens, Taiyo Matsumoto, Anders Nilsen, Jillian Tamaki, Olivier Schrauwen, Eleanor Davis, Gipi, Simon Hanselmann, Michael DeForge, David Lapham, and Inio Asano. Please do not send us superhero narratives or scripts without an artist attached.

What to Submit

Samples: We do not commit to publication from samples alone; however, if we are interested in the sample, we will contact you to learn more about the project. Please note: we do not match up artists with storytellers or vice-versa.

Full & Partial Manuscripts: You may submit either a full or partial manuscript. We prefer to see the full manuscript.

You’ll generally hear back from us within a month. If a month has passed, feel free to reach out to check on the status of your submission.


Dependent on page count. Paid out upon contract signing.


  • 15% royalties for the first 1,000 copies
  • 20% royalties for all sales above 1,000 copies

 Individual graphic works may range from a single image to twenty-two pages of comic art. Please submit no more than five photographs unless they are in a series, in which case you may send up to twenty. Please send us the highest resolution possible for any visual art submission; a work may be denied simply on the grounds that the resolution is not high enough for publication. Upon acceptance, we may ask for a specific file type to publish with. If your work does not have a title, please label it 'Untitled'.

​We can serialize longer graphic works, but the first chapter of the work and a series outline must be presented before serialization is promised. If we accept your series, we will publish individual chapters of no more than twenty-two pages in each issue. Some of our favorite graphic artists are Jaime & Gilbert Hernandez, Brecht Evens, Anders Nilsen, Christophe Chaboute, Simon Hanselmann, Michael DeForge, David Lapham, David Mazzucchelli, Dash Shaw, and Scott McCloud.

Driftwood Press